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Ahhh, my childhood martial arts movie. w00t brings back memories. THis remix seems wayy better than the movie's track. Its prolly cause it was made by the best Music artist on Newgrounds, maybe. Anyway, yea. besides it being sexy, i got nothing else to say, the music speaks for itself.

Why yes. I think i will GO

Of course its great music, ITs ZB. And not to mention the fact that you will get up and GO when u hear this song, where u go? im not really sure, the nearest dance club i guess.

Nothings better thanZeRo

Nope, enough said. well exept for the fact taht it was Sexy, but thats besides the point!

SO good

No matter what, ZB is always master of the Techno genre ( and a lot of other genres as a matter of fact) How can i end this review...hmmmm....the song was Sexy? of course.

Techno or rave, which to choose. BOTH!

Yes, Rave and techno come as one in an awesom balance. Only one man could tame two genres so well, and WHO could that BE!?!? Why ZeRo BaSs of course!

Amazing remix? You bet your ass!

Need i say more? wait...it..was....hmmm..oh yea SEXyyyYY!


Once again, im left in the shadows of the orignial song. But the song again, is freaking great, beats, yes uve got'em. And oh yea Techno, which i love. Great video game song. W00t.

Animatrix! w00t!

I didnt get a chance to see that, I should pick up the dvd sometime, but yea. Deffiently sounds liek soemthing from that. ANd ohhh yes it is very sexy. Once again, u make music THAT much better to listen to.

Yes, i seriously love it

Man, its just so good. WHY didnt any flash user use this peice of work!!??! are they taking crazy pills or something?? Man, its to bad I absolutely suck at flash (i deffiently gave up, its confusing man! im better at actual cinimotography anyway) but yea MAN. wish i could do flash, all i would use is ZeRO BaSs. Its everything u need and more.

Flash atrists should be proud

It would go great with anime or fighting kinda of flash, but as i see no one used it in any ubmissions (unlike ninja eyes) which is sad man, ur music is so great, im so surprised noone used it.

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