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Kung-foo anyone?

short but sweet. DO u like kung-foo movies, like on SPike tv late at night, haha i LOVE those. anyway great short/loop. It sounds like kung-foo stuff, which is what i love so. YES! ZeRo BaSs is so the man.

Yes, it IS an awesome remix

again im left out caue i donno the original song (BUMMER) but if it sounds like what u made, then ur remix is freakin awesome (its awesome anyway) but of course, u use all ur amazing talents to bring music out at its best. i love IT! and yes, it is very sexy.

Good songs come in pairs

One song made better by a sequel. YES i love it. ITs got that peacefull yet deadly sound that u just love to love. Again, your work is so great, you combine all kinds of sounds to make one great sounding one...or something, i lost my train of thought, sorry, gotta listen to ur music...bye!


again, thats what i like. Its so great man, the beats and everything. And i absolutely love the ambient strings behind the music in certain parts. Its pretty much great. Some of the scratches or record spinds, watever u call them, were a little out of place sometimes, but it dosent matter as a whole the song is awesome as usual. Call the club, its a DANCEOFF.

Ahhh, now thats what im talking about

Yea. Thats what im talking about. You know it, its sexy, beats and all. THis is the kind of work i truely adore u for. Your a master at work my friend. W00t, DANCE OFF.


Alrighty, well with this one, it was a little weird for my taste (again, just personal preference, i dont grade it bad if i hate it, just for the effort and whatnot) But the sounds and stuff put into it, was great, and the reacurring guitar lick thingy (or watever that sound was) that came back fit in with the noise. SO it was great effort as usual, just a little weird for me, but HEY! i still like it.

haha MEgaman

Man, i SO remember that game. Crazy megaman, i cant remember what i played it on, Sega? i donno coulda been. Brings me back. Once again ur work is just great and...oh yea Sexy. haha.


Crazy tempo, deffiently video game material. Brings me back to oldschool gaming w00t. NES Fer real. Only this music is like 16bits better but yea u get me, i think. SO yea this peice of music is wait wait dont tell me......sexy? yea.


Fer serious man. No matter what you do, it just sounds good. I dont care what anyone else says. It is just good stuff. Its how you say..Sexy?? haha Great work man. You are amazing.


That was so tight man. The guitar licks mixed in with the backround ambience, along with the drums and bass rifts. Its....yea SExy! That is deffiently old school hotness right there. Your are a true pro from the very begging(<---- I CANT spell that word)

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