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gad, good man

Yea, that is deffiently for a fast action scene or what not. I love it man. Uber techno its rockin. I got no critisim. Its just good.

W00t W()()T

Massivly awesome music man. WHat Can't u do!?! I am so loving the beats, its...how can i put this...SEXY! w00t Keep groovin it *ZB* YEA! Man, i have a movie im making right now, and I don't think this music fits it, but DOOD I am so using some of ur music (With your permission of course) for some scenes of some other of my movies, cause ur pretty much amazing and you work hard at it, Long Live *<ZeRo BaSs>*

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

omg thx man...^_-
i really appreciate your reviews! and i checked out some of your songs...damn u got some serious talent! u just need some more practice and u'll make stuff like this 4 sure!

Im dancing

Im gonna buy a nightclub and then buy all ur music, and have a dance night. Wanna come!?!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

LOL! That would be awesome..

<^-^> YEA

Once again, music at its best. Keep doing what you do best, and ill keep listening.

Great beats

Man this song has it all, great loops, great beats. Put together freakin well. Kept me on my feet the whole time. SIck drum beats man. Love your work. Keep creating these genious songs

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

i will


Sexy beat, lovin the DDR-ness. Keep it up, i want to jump some more!

ZeRo-BaSs responds:


Liking the amount of effects

I like all the different effects in there, such as the guitar, the diff sounds and drums and piano, it adds a great overall effect. I liked it a lot, the only problem i had with it, is sometimes it seemed to me that it different tunes were played some, on and some out of tune. Wether this was on purpose or not im not sure. Its just my personal oppinion, I like originality and diversity so this is really a nice change. Keep up the good work

Simple but good

I don't play Red Alert, but again I am thinking that this is close to the song your remixing. In my oppinion its simple, but I like it and since your remixing a song from Red Alert 2 im guessing that song kinda the same-ish. Anyway good work I still like it regardless

Again, liked it

I don't play red alert, but im sure this is close to that song. The reason for the 8 on div and org is cause its a remix so thats just how i grade on that, anyway I enjoy your work, keep the good music flowing my friend.

Liking it

Was deffiently different, and thats a good thing. I really like the guitars and bass wether they were instrumental or electronic I liked it, keep it coming.

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