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An emotional wave

Fantastic all the way though, the subtle ambient backround creates a fantastic backround atmosphere over the beautiful electric guitar. The dual guitars are also fantastic, they accompany each other very nicely.

Love the style man, very relaxing!

5/5 10/10

Boux responds:

Allright ! thanks much, means even more coming from you, its from your music that i decided to record some electric guitar tunes.

Beautifully Original

This is so omniscient and atmospheric it blows my mind. The Guitar is a gently boat settled amongst dark and unsettling waters. It is beautiful.

Boux responds:

Wow! Nice words to describe this song, thanks man


This is some beautiful stuff man. Absolutely dig the hell out of it.

Boux responds:

Thanks much, feel free to checkout the rest and download any you like, ill looking foward to more of your stuff too


Nice dude, you've heard my stuff, so you know what I'm a fan of. This is fantastic. Yeah, fuck the score man, I'm already used to my shit getting 0'd up the ass as soon as I submit because it's not DNB or Techno god forbid other music is made.

Good shit man, very atmospheric.

Boux responds:

Well you'll find alot you could like on my page, thanks for the nice words, atmospheric, yeah thats the category i should upload to.
Maybe godforbid real instruments too :D

Why such a low rating?

This is a fantastic track. Very moody, the strings compliment the piano beautifuly and when everything comes together, bass, beat/drums, it sounds fantastic.

I guess my only critisim is I would have built it up more during the end chorus, but other than that, what the hell is with everybody, great song!

Nothing wrong with trance..

...It isn't as rave-y, but hey this is still a strong track and by strong I mean freaking brilliant. As soon as the beat hits, my head can't sit still, and then once my head gets into it, it's over, before I know it im raving.


Max Volume...

...Just isn't enough, I need more. Anybody's speakers go up to 11?

As always awesome track, Ive got so many songs I need to keep on loop, my head's gunna explode soon. Can you NOT make good songs for awhile to keep my skull from imploding? No? Damn, guess I just gotta keep raving then.

Fantastic track.

Makes me happy...

...And want to just rave all night at the same time. Wait, that already makes me happy....oh man now im super happy. Awesome track as always. Gunna have to keep this one on loop for awhile.

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Thank you!! :D

That's what im talkin about

Keep those bpm's up man, absolutely love it. It's been awhile since I have reviewed your songs, but here it goes.

What can I say? It's got everything a Hardcore Raver would want! That's pretty much all you need, awesome track.


Absolutely loving this one. Starts off with fantastic synths, and leads into a very slick beat. Awesome track.

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