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Sick ass tune man, absolutely love the beats, the synths are fantastic, great song to relax with, or just get up and dance with. Awesome.

Mrmilkcarton responds:


Deserves much higher rating

Man the portal is so f-ed up. Great songs get no appreciation at all, BOO!

One of the best Gill songs ever created. Ambience at it's greatest. Simplicity is what makes this song good.

The beat and the backround voices accompany the amazing synth amazingly.


I think ill listen to this again after i do the salmon dance.


Gillenium responds:

I appreciate it, Kev-o. SALMON DANCE FOR THE WIN :D

For those reading this who don't know what the hell we're talking about, The Salmon Dance is a Chemical Brothers song about.... dancing like a salmon. If you haven't heard it... do so now.

*dance'n like a fish while I'm do'n the snap*

Very cool stuff man

Love the atmosphere of it. Im all about this kinda ambient music man. Very cool. Just a question about the drums man, the one thing that my songs are severly lacking are drums, i was thinkin about buyin something off acoustica.com or something, but wondered if you recommended anything.

Sorry for the program questions, i hate to ask them cause they are annoying, so yeah sorry haha.

Great song though dude, im not big into heavy metal, but I do have to say ur other tracks are pretty damn badass man.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Sorry for the long delay in this response. I don't check on these songs very often. Acoustica has an alright free drum program. I used stupid FL for this. The best sounds for drums I think, come from Reason, (any version) and EZDrummer.

Hope that helped man, many thanks for the review...and no worries about the question! haha. PM me if you have more!

Great Great

Bein an indie filmaker I can deffiently invision this filling the space for a movie. THis is great music dude, very dark, very ambient, very very creepy. Great for a film.

It kinda reminds me of music for Full Metal Jacket or something. Great stuff dude keep it up.

If i come up with a screenplay to match the dark tone of this, you might be hearing from me about asking about music.

Midnight Check-in

Great song dude, I did like it a lot, but i did feel that the beats were kinda random sometimes, if this was the intention, then it did work well haha, but I donno, I just felt that if the beats had more of a structure it woulda been a cool dark sounding peice.

Great song though, loved the suttle beats mixed in with distrougtening bass.

Love it

Love the sound dude. It's very creepy ambient with a steady beat to keep it fast paced and flowing very nicely.

This peice sounds like it would go great in a film or something, and since I usually scoop up any song I find that I really like, Id like to ask you if you wouldn't mind if I possibly used some of your work for my short films.

http://2manproduction.50megs.com is my website, and I have a few of my films/tests on youtube under my name bamsukka

Great music man, ill listen to more of ur stuff and review it.

Idiosyncratic responds:


I'd like it if you would. Only problem, I'm running out of free trials for WAV to MP3 converters.


Good and Bad

I completely agree with TorkKey

it did have a decent melody with some good bass, but again you are letting over-repetitiveness along with really really annoying beats overpower the good parts of ur songs.

You are letting your motto of being repetitive as not being a bad thing.....be to repetitive.

Mix it up man.

It also sounds like you arn't putting a lot of effort into your songs, i might be wrong but thats simply what it sounds like. I know because i have songs that dont have a lot of effort put into them and it shows.

keep it up man, but mix it up.


Thats it, im going to play gameboy, or NES, or sega, or some really old system while looping ur midi songs. Hell yes, best MIDI songs ever. I hardly think anyone else has the know how, or elbow grease.

It just doesnt get much better then Gillenium.

Thanks for bringin me back a few decades man haha, GAD, if my piano wasnt such a douche id make some midi songs. to bad my pianos a douche.

Gillenium responds:

Anvil Studio was an intensely frustrating program, but I popped some pretty good stuff out of it. In fact, my whole music career started when my friend Paul (I was in band class with him) said "Hey, you should try Anvil Studio!" So I did, got frustrated, gave up, and then tried it again later. I've done the same thing with every single sequencing program since. Thanks for the review!

So wicked sweet

Man, this is about as old school as it gets. This should be a freaking Gameboy game song dude, you coulda made some mad money with it! I can see this in zelda, or maybe some other game, you know the one.

Rediculously awesome to listen to, the ending-ish part kinda sounds a little like a Terminator sounding rift, zomg im loving it. Brings me back man, brings me back.

you get a 5 for awesomeness.

Gillenium responds:

Haha, I love those old-skool MIDI sounds. For some reason, Anvil Studio would sound like something inside the program and sound like something else entirely when I rendered it, so I had to find a program to record it as I played it in Anvil, lol. That's why there's a short pause before each song. Thanks for the review!

Dance Dance Gillevolution

YAY! I do believe this song should be a soothing dance added to everyone's collection of dance songs. If not I think they should be punched in the throat, or suggested to listening to better music.....something.

either way, this is as ambient as I like, with some great drums to keep you bouncing around. Although this is just a sample, its great (and ive heard the whole thing, :D im so lucky)

Keep it coming, and ill keep it reviewing. Cause i donno if you know this, but im ur biggest reviewer.....yeah you know this.

Gillenium responds:

Oh yeah... I know this, haha. You might not be able to call me Dance Dance Gillevolution for a while though... I'm all danced out. Working on a dance song is 100 times as taxing as working on an ambient tune. Just pounding and pounding beats all day long, the same beat, all the time! AGH! I'm working on ambient next, lol. Thanks for another review.

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