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Haha, oh hell nobody reviewd it so i figured what the shit man. haha

Gillenium responds:

Very insightful review...

Easily the best

out of all 4 parts, I think this is the best, but i can't decide. Either way, it's another 5 from me. Can't really say anymore, the beats and overal ambient tone is exactly what I love listening to, so you kick ass. There, take that. :D

Gillenium responds:

Haha, thanks! I see we think alike musically. I like this one because it turned out so weird and different. Although, I do think you should reserve judgment until I release the 5th and final part of the series. I've been waiting until the previous part got 100 downloads until releasing the next one, but the 4th part is taking a while to get there... Ah well, I have a piece prepared for the holidays.


I might have listend to this before without knowing it, but either way I like it. Great peice with suttle beats in there and the octive down and up pitches were really great. Once again you leave me with nothing bad to say, damn your good music making skills! :D

Gillenium responds:

Gracious again. Not a whole lot happening in this part, but it's doing its job at connecting the other parts together.


and by that i mean, damn that song is sexy. It just keeps getting better and better, I give this section another 5. Lovin the hell out of it man. Onto part III i say!

Gillenium responds:

Thanks, dude. I used a violin sample from the original Godzilla for this one.

Oh man

Once again, totally diggin it. I havn't been to newgrounds in awhile, school is kicking my ass, but the second I come back i check out your page again and DAYM, you've got 4 parts to a kickass ambient song that im totally freaking digging the shit out of. If that in anyway doesn't sound dirty. Love the hell out of part I, ill review all parts for ya. So far nothing by a 5 from me. Keep it up! ....oh wait, you already did.......HELL YEHA!!

Gillenium responds:

WOO! Yeah, this latest project is where I think I want to take my music from now on. It was kind've an experiment, but it worked well. I'm getting a beautiful synth/sampler for Christmas, so expect piano/ambient/idm for the future! Thanks for the many reviews, as always!

It just gets better and better

Extremely great begining leading into a fast paced techno-ish but better beat sequence and then fading out with that computer sequence beaping, very trippy and i can totally dig it. Im making a new abstract film about suicide, and my god im using the begining sequence of hectic sounds, cause it is freaking good. Keep up the awesome music man, jesus its good.

If you want to check out the short test footage of the upcoming suicide film, the only place ive got it at is gay myspace


only click the link if you care, otherwise, I will continue to listen to your genious music and keep giving you 5's and reviews :D

Bamsukka out.


My goodness, if this song doesn't make people just pulsate to the beat for no apparient reason i don't know what will. Super fast, super catchy beat goodness it belongs in a club. I guess it gets repetivie, but that reverb rittled (Ha alliteration ^^) transition was so fucking good, god damn. Good part man. The fade out end was fuckign cool too. Good song all-together too. Great first song man. It's always cool to look back and see how peeps have progressed. Great stuff man!

Bamsukka OUt.


It's not gay, I think its a great remix. Although I guess people could hate on it, but they are just assholes. Nice remix man, better than the original song itself! Not that i have that album or anything.......on itunes.....shh. :D

Bamsukka out.

Why all the hate?

I think this song is mad good. It sounds like a shitload of effort was put into it and it turned out extremely catchy and well put together in my oppinion. With the backround bass, the hyper speed echoey paino and the atmospheric clashes, it came together into one awesome peice man. I don't see the need for all this hate on this song, I can see why its #1, it's fucking good. Nice man, keep on keeping on. Bamsukka out.

DaGrahamCraka responds:

Wow, im glad you liked it. Thanks!


with a mix of hope. Flowed very well and was a great song to listen to. The only thing is I guess the trumpet or trombone kinda felt out of place, but it really is fine, that's just a nit picky thing. Overall great stuff

orange-peel responds:

i like the horn myself, i think it contrsts the strings well:) thanks for reviewing.

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