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Very cool

damn cool song to listen to, around 48 seconds though, that backround ambince, not the bells but that other thing sounds very familir, i coulda sworn i heard it in another song, im sure its just cause it was probboly made in a program that many others have so some sounds may sound alike. Overall though very offbeat cool song to listen to. I guess my only thing about it, is it just didn't seem to much like a state of emergency, unless the emergency is the need to dance haha, meaning i guess the scream felt out of place, but that is just really nit picky. Overall great.

PHOENIXtrunks responds:

hahaha, yeah, there were a couple loops that I used...only because I couldn't figure out a good synth and got a bit lazy :( but yeah, the scream is even iffy for me, just needed a harsh transition...and I didn't have many siren sounds at hand...so, anyway, thanks for this really awesome review! I appreciate it! :D


and a happy song to listen to. The ultra fast beats along with piano and a colidascope (sp) of other sounds makes it for a really cool song to listen to. Good stuff man.

PHOENIXtrunks responds:

thanks a lot! I want to make it a bit longer...but this'll do for now :P

Good 1st song

I deffiently like your more recent songs, but this is a very cool 1st song which starts out suttle and gradually gets more into it before slanting off in the middle to a suttle ambience then back up to beat and slowely trailing off in the end. Good stuff man.

x-kinetiK-x responds:

Yeah this one is pretty old, I made it probably a month before I even started using this name. I only submitted it because it was on the g9core.com podcast lol.

Thanks for the review!



Totally reminds me of Perfect Dark music. Brings me back to the good ol' days man. Good peice that is just like you said, dark and dancy. I can dig it. I need to get me FL Studio, all i got is my guitar, MAGIX audio studio (which is kinda crap) and Vegas 6.0 which really isnt even a music software. My Sony ACid pro crapped out, appariently all my sound plugins went bye bye, weird. But good music man, i can deffiently get into it with the atmospheric sense it creates.

x-kinetiK-x responds:

Well I've never heard the Perfect Dark music, but I'll take that as a compliment. :)
"Atmosphere" is a perfect word to describe what I was going for. Something calming, but still energetic enough to draw you in.

Thanks for the review!


Nice man

I don't think this needs to be slown down at all. The pace keeps it flowing very nicely with now dragging. It does make me think of someone who has been betrayed, good use of notes to express emotion. W0rd up.

x-kinetiK-x responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you felt what I intended! I was thinking about it, though, and I think a slow section would be perfect somewhere in there. Maybe a remake of this song is in order. :) If so, I'll make sure to keep just as much (and hopefully more) emotion in it.

Thanks for the review!



Some badass beats there man. I deffiently dig it. It has a score of a 2.50 though, how lame is that? Im voting a 5 to boost that shat up.

x-kinetiK-x responds:

Thanks :D Yeah, it had a straight 5 but someone must have 0-ed it :( Same thing happened to Kold. Oh well, I'm not really surprised.

Thanks for the review and the 5!



Calm, and very cool. For lack of better words. The piano was very well played with a sort of off beat sense of notes, and yet it fit well together along with the suttle violin sounding backround. For the 2nd half as the drums and bass occompynied the paino and violin it meshed together very well in a very cool fashion. I just wish it was longer :)

orange-peel responds:

Thanks for the review.


Flowed together amazingly and had an extremely cool feel. I just might have to find a place for it in one of my new films if you wouldn't mind? This would be very good music for some sort of intriqet (sp) suttle chase scene, and or something. Who knows. very well done.

orange-peel responds:

Not at all, would love to see it used in a flash, that's what my music is here for:)
Thanks for reviewing.


and relaxing, Im totally going to sleep after this song cause its so chill. Can't wait for new stuff after that piano song man.

Gillenium responds:

You may be my biggest fan :)

Damn I heart techno

Rediculously hardcore, made me want to get into a fight with someone, hmmm the only thing near me is my hampster, fuckin fight to the death! I don't even have a hampster, i just lied right there, but i didn't lie about how badass this song is. WHy the hell has nobody reviews this? Weird. This song kicks ass man.

Gillenium responds:

Thanks! I would like the music video for this to be someone beating up a hamster. Hell yeah... The original Dementia was a MIDI. When I got FL Studio, I decided to redo it. I still wasn't satisfied, so I remade it again. Lol, I think I'm done now.

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