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FUn to listen to

These midi songs are just fun to listen to. I really don't want to be all critical on it since it was made like 2 years ago, and you are already good as shit with your newer songs. Still these songs are fuckin entertaining.

Gillenium responds:

It was made a lot longer than 2 years ago! I just submitted it in 2004. I think I made it in the late 90's... Anvil Studio again.


DId you do all that on piano urself? Cause that was some mad fast piano playing if you did. Daym curzy man. Good stuff.

Gillenium responds:

I do actual synthesizer sometimes, but this song was sequenced (although every measure is different. no patterns). It's probably the 3rd or 4th song I ever made, and it was made in Anvil Studio.

Random rediculousness

Hhaa, the fawk. Funny as shit, and randome as hell, Loved the boondock saints reference, the southpark reference, and probobly a lot of other reference. I laughed. Haha, the ending was funny as shit.

Gillenium responds:

lol, this song is so stupid. I gotta get all those guys back in the studio :P


The 1st sound sounds like someting from mario when you like kill those stupid mushroom people. And the bass was a kooky arangment of notes. And it was as pretty freakin cool track, thats for sure. Why the fudgecake has nobody reviews this? It goes beyond me. ANother old, but good track from Gillenium.

Gillenium responds:

lol, I love it when my music is compared to video games. I want to make music for a video game some day...

Every time

I listen to your songs i want to freaking get up and dance, however my dancing style is more of a flailing rediculous kinda thing. Freaking great song man.

ZeRo-BaSs responds:


Mad Chill

Very bitchin chill song. Just cool to listen to the mad chill rift along with soloing guitar and bass. Badass man.

MinistryofTunes responds:

thank you :)

Damn cool song

Mixed with sinister ambient backround tones, drums and what sounds like piano it creates a damn good tune man. Sheet, keep that ambient stuff coming man! It's gunna be another late night fo me man, stayin up listenin to your shit and workin on mo music. w00t!


Yeah, that is all I can say. Absolutely great. Very very atmospheric, these are the kinda songs taht are my absolute favorite. Incredibaly genious man. Extremely well done.

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks man, that means a lot to me.
I'm flattered :)

Piano Ambience

And searching back on your page I see a new song. Another great suttle peice. Very light heartedly suttle, simple and yet at the same time very atmospheric. With backround sounds echoing behind the piano it creates a great sense of....well atmosphere. Another great peice Gillenium. Great work my friend.


Gillenium responds:

Thanks! I've been having a major composer's block as of late. I'm mostly been working on a DJ mix because I can't think of music to create myself, lol. I think this piano piece was the first step in jump-starting my creativity again. I'm still a little depressed at how few people bought my cd :(

Very Chill, very good.

I liked this a freaking lot. The strings along with electronic noises and drums added together were freaking great. It sounds like a lot of hard work went into it. Wether thats true or not, it sounds great. Keep that ambient stuff coming, that's one of my favorite genres man. Good stuff

PERVOK responds:

Thank you, and trust me, good sir, you'll hear more ambient stuff comin' up. I don't plan to go to bed tonight :)

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