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This is freakin good dood. The strings are freakin amazing with the suttle beats and the horn or trumpet sounding thingy, wish you could make some music for my films, that was damn good.

Gillenium responds:

I'm always up for side projects. Once I get my first commercial album hammered out (which is coming out pretty soon by the by), give me a shout and maybe we can work something out. Thanks for all your reviews!

Technos where its at

And this song is no exeption, with its freakin sweet beats and backround rumble, freakin sweeet man. The transition near the middle-ish is pretty sweet too with the jamacan or watever beats in the backround, nice all around.

Gillenium responds:

Weird is awesome

Sweet sounding

I dont know about haunting, but it was deffiently a sweet tune, the ambient backround along with the continuous guitar was deffiently a cool combination. Up and Up.

Gillenium responds:

You'll definitely be recieving a review or two from me later. You're a damn marathon reviewer!


Short and sweet is deffiently right, I love the part where the old NES sounding tune comes in. The backround beats and the little up and down ambience is really a nice touch too. Up I go.

Gillenium responds:

NES rules

Pretty slick beats

Ive started listening to your stuff, so i decided to start from the begining, this is a pretty cool song, Beats were deffiently pretty awesome, ima continue up the line.

Gillenium responds:

daaaaang, you're definitely my biggest reviewer. Thanks again. I made this song originally in midi, then years later, I made this version. Then I remixed it. The Menace Mix is the best version I believe...


Very smooth. The backround strings smoothy came in along with the bells..or watever they were, that crazy soundin synth. Freakin great drums along with beats that once again collaborated into a sick ass song. Really freakin nice work man. Thats nice freakin music, smooth mellow and freakin cool. Gonna listen to more, w00t w00t!


Good song. I deffiently like the sound of this song. You should make more of them like this. I really need a good begging credits song for my newest film im making. I am having loads of trouble coming up with the right sound of my own. But this is a really great sound. Keep it up Blackhawk

PERVOK responds:

thanks for the liking of the song man.

i truly appreciate these kind of reviews, thank you man.

Crazy Beats

Pretty insane man. Gotta hand it to you, it was put together well and flowed nicely. The crazy beats and sounds were cool man. Again, good work.

Gporev responds:

Hey thanks man, i'm glad you liked it


Haha, those guitar licks were sick and then then the transition (If that was wat it was) was awesome, the fruits of ur labor have paid off, cause man your talented! How come nobody has even reviewed any of ur work? thats carazy. ANyway keep it up! Good work.

Gporev responds:

Thanks dude, its insanely gratifying to have my first review be postivie

Truely is amazing

Yes, your right, it IS an amazing trance. NOthing else to say exept that it was mad sexy. Now i have to take a quik break from reviewing all your amazing songs. But i will be back to review the rest!

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