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Not bad at all

Pretty easy and not without spelling errors, but all in all I liked it. Cool concept. Reminiscent of portal with the omniscient instructions. Cool stuff.


And fun, needs a few more features I think, but is great none-the-less.

Great Graphics..

..But other than that, this game is completely unoriginal. Just astroids with a different name Can't rate this very highly.


I was absolutely hooked into this game. I wish i was better at flash. I would make as many movies as i did in the sim! freakin amazing man awesome game. Keep it up. I kept making 30 day flash then clicking as fast as i could to get by the 30 days, and then found my email to be stocked with like 1,000,000 emails yay!


It was pretty good, just got to boring for me, but it was a great idea

Not bad

I do have to admit, even though it was super frusterating, i blame it on my short attention span, and lack of interest, which both combine into the same thing but watever, i know a 7 year old could do this. But he doesnt know any better, those games are fun to him. anyway it wasnt that bad. It was a good puzzle game to work the brain that i have unfortunatly not worked in a super long time, which is why i sucked at this game, if ur wondering why i gave humor a 2 is its because i was laughing at how bad i sucked, anyway good game, not bad graphics, not bad sound, super good interactivity (How do you do it) all in all good brain teaser game, by the way whoever sayd you stole this game is a fagot

Not that bad

I really have to say that this isnt that bad, i mean you did give the chance to skip holes so i did just that before i got to frustrated at the hole, i dont really think it was all that bad it was pretty much like every other mini golf game i have played on the internet, just different courses, its not one of my favorites but a good change in pace.


holy shit man, i was so exited to play this game and when i was done no sex?!?!?! What what fuck! common man you gotta have the sex, you can leave it with 50 dates and no sex, thats fuckin impossible, oh well still pretty good game.

Not bad

I reamember playin this along time ago, and it was pretty good. it lacks in places but what the fuck doesnt? outwar is gay, everyone who does it is gay GAY!!! great game though, BUT FUCK OUTWAR!

Great and i gotta song

Shut me down if im full of shit, but you gotta listen to this. Worked hard and i think its good.
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