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i really am not sure what to make of this, it was a fight, but not really a big fight, just a fight with fruit, a hand giving the finger. I really am not familiar with biblo's work so im really confused on wats going on for that i spare you a couple points.

biblo responds:

You must be unfamiliar with the Clock Crew. Check out Genres & Series/Collections/Clock Crew/Clock Crew history for information

Simply amazing

Since you told me to not even bother with the first one i did just that, but this one was simply amazing. The Graphics where stunning, i am amazed at the realism. And of course counterstrike was the best sounds to use. I believe you have done a great job


A very unique movie, the music was great, no need for sound, the visuals made everything quite clear, i really am not surprised that people like that exist with the world today, but it is a good story. Makes me think twice about being a salesman, anyway good work Jeremy

Very good

I like it so far, a very unique way of doing flash, plot line so far looks good. The only flaw is that the people look fat, even the assassin guy, i donno maybe its just me. Very good though gonna enjoy the second one

ahhh, i donno

It was alright, but again it wasnt alright. The action was less than perfect, the music sucked, it was in all the wrong places, sound also sucked, the glasses made the dude look like a fruit, and i donno wat was up with his hand, and the bullet mark or something in his head, i guess he was a robot? i have no idea. Whatever good try though.

Funny Funny

Very funny, loved it. I loved the perspective of the tourchers, very funny. Great job Matzerath I loved it

Great job

great job on the clay animation, my dumbass friends make those too so i know how time consuming it is, but they suck and you dont. The sound was great, and the subtitles helped if you sometimes didnt catch wat they said, the humor was alright, but the animation made up for it. The Clay animation was so smooth, and for that i applaued you. Great job man


Holy shit Razzo, 2 in a row. I gotta hang it to you man you make some good shit, great graphics, music wow. Make more man, lovin it!

Not bad, liked the music

Wow, enjoyed watching it. Short but to the point, really great graphics and music. Awsome job man!


Loved it so great, love counterstrike, by the way i read an article about Condition Zero, and i heard that it really isnt worth buying, no new guns a few new maps better graphics, but nothing really new. it doesnt feel like your getting a new game you can check it out if you want but i would stick with counterstrike.

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