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Not bad at all in my oppinion

I think I spelled Oppinion wrong but eh, so as far as the submission, it really isn't all that bad. I guess it was confusing, but as far as stick fights I am not confused at all. I just watch the black stick guy (Not being racist, just saying he was the color black :-D) do all the stuff he does. I love the Mission impossible song. I first taped that song by holding a tape recorder up to the tv as it played through the credits (eh, give me a break i was 8) I look forward to see what happens next. Flash Animation is hard. I tried and gave up. Figured I would stick to making my movies. THis isn't bad. Sharpen your skills and you will be a great flashmaker.

Project-Tom23 responds:

Thanks for your review! Hopefully my next flash movie won't get such low votes.


It was ok, the graphics were not so great, but i understand how frustrating flash is so i usually am ok with bad gfx. The plot line is hazy, i really am not sure what it is about other than a business man who isn't good at selling whatever he is trying to sell, i thought the begging was funny hence the 2 points for humor. Ill look forward to the 2nd one, will it have a little more plot? or just a continuence of the demonic ink haha. which is fine im just curious. anyway maybe sharpen up the gfx and work on plot. other than that this is a decent flash. Keep up your hard work and you will become a good flash artist.

EKublai responds:

Thanks for the support. The second one is turning out to have slightly better graphics. I'm working at a higher frame rate to make the animation smoother for my fight sequences.


I gotta give you points for the effort, it takes time to make that kind of stuff. It just wasn't made very well. The ending wasn't that funny and took way to long. Although it was a clever idea it kind of imitates -Knox-'s work with the single frame-by-frame animation. There were parts where the paper was suddenly moved, or things were not in the same place so you need to work on that for later reference. Parts of it however were done very well. It wasn't great but it wasn't poo either. Just sharpen your skills and come up with some more original ideas and you will have some good movies in your hands.

EKublai responds:

Thanks for the review. I would like to point out that this is not solely Knox's genre. I would also like to poin t oout that knox hasn't made anything like this. Sorry for sounding like a whiny-ass.


i really am not sure what to make of this, it was a fight, but not really a big fight, just a fight with fruit, a hand giving the finger. I really am not familiar with biblo's work so im really confused on wats going on for that i spare you a couple points.

biblo responds:

You must be unfamiliar with the Clock Crew. Check out Genres & Series/Collections/Clock Crew/Clock Crew history for information

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