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A little late to the game (understatement). The beat and bass are incredible companions to the synth and keyboard sounds.

A fantastic collaboration of fast paced tempo accompanied by appropriate sax and keys. The bass really takes its own around 3:25, and from then on it continues to be really intricate. Great music.

This is really great jazz. The Sax accompanies the guitar beautifully throughout.

This is fuckin' badass as hell.

Absolutely beautiful. Full of atmosphere. Love it!


Very soothing. As soon as that piano hits at 29, that's when this track starts to really take off. It's a subtle journey through closed eyes for the rest of the song. Very good stuff. Will enjoy multiple listens as it gives my mundane tasks a much needed soundtrack.


karthon responds:



Atmospheric and emotional, beautiful work.

Very subtle but with a lot of power behind it, I agree, your music comes from the heart and soul.

tazz780 responds:

Thanks dude, music today is not what it use to be. There is no drive or feeling pushing artists or musicians. It's all about the buck.
I really enjoyed your music it's right up my ally and can't wait to hear more from you dude.

This should be picked up

and put into the next zombie movie asap. Wicked piece here man. The inspiration is there, but it's not a direct copy of anything from either 28 days/weeks movie. I was gettin' worried during the intense part, but this song stands on it's own as a beautiful, haunting, powerful song that needs to be used in a film.

Great work man. 10/10 5/5

Evil-Dog responds:

awesome :) don't worry too much hehe


Boy I love playing with panning, I love the guitar playing in the left ear while the main plucking/strumming takes place slightly to the middle right.

A beautiful peice! Very calming, the guitar really sings in this song in a much more subtle way.

I realllly love the change over at 2:04, probably my favorite part, it just sounds soooo goood man, really loving this.

Boux responds:

haha! yeah i tried to experience a bit with the panning this time, glad you're still listenning to my work since a few months now, thanks alot again!
By the way, Im not sure i sent you PMs for all of my recents tunes or not, i get mixed up sometime in my message sendings, theres a few i think you'd like alot,
''Night sky alongside the fire'' ''once upon a time, buckethead'', have a listen if you like.

Very Happy

Indeed a little different from your style, but still great none-the-less. I really dig the happy plucking, happy with a hint of sorrow woven in there. Sorry for the late reviews, been lazy and busy at the same time haha. Sounds great dude. I love the slow fade at the end too, perfect way to close it!

Boux responds:

cool no problem at all :) , im just glad you enjoy the tunes i make yet again, thanks alot!

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